Informal review process

This is the performance review process for staff members at Mattermost between 90 days and 6 months.

  1. Feedback panel requests: Suggest peers to your Manager by providing names of 2-4 teammates who you feel can most effectively provide feedback on your achievements and performance over the past year (okay to include community members in addition to staff). Your Manager may adjust the peer nominations prior to the panel being finalized.

  2. Feedback panel selection: Your manager will take your input along with other managers’ input to select teammates and community members from the list provided to give feedback on your performance.

  3. Peer feedback: HR will share a peer feedback survey with each person on the panel to solicit feedback. This peer feedback survey is slightly different from the Formal Process.

  4. Review discussion: Your manager will review your Performance Eval feedback with you 1-2 weeks after collecting feedback.

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