Deployment Engineering

Deployment Engineering provides expertise on how to run and deploy Mattermost and the platform as a whole, and act as extensions of R&D supporting our customers in partnership with post-sales and revenue retention teams.

Where to find us

We rely on Jira to track our day-to-day work & customer-facing work:

You can also find us in Mattermost at:

Who we are

Deployment Engineering is led by Ian Tien, co-founder & CEO, and includes:

  • Jason Blais: Chief of Staff

  • Doug Lauder: Sr Software Design Engineer

  • Michael Kochell: Software Design Engineer II

  • Felipe Garcia: Software Design Engineer II

Over time, the team may grow to support a wider number of >$50K ARR customers.

Review the subpages to learn more about our areas of responsibilities (AORs), workflows, frequently asked questions, and more.

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