Product Management Areas of Ownership

Product AreaExample FeaturesPM Owner

Core Product 1

Channels, Posts, User Account settings, User Statuses, Team Management, Calls, Compliance

Ian Tao

Core Product 2

Playbooks, Boards, User invites, User Groups, Insights, User Management, Guests

Winson Wu

Apps & Integrations

Plugins, Apps, Apps Marketplace, Apps & Plugin Framework, Webhooks, Slash commands, Bots

Sandy Atkinson


Onboarding, User invites, NPS plugin, Feedback widgets, In-product notices, Onboarding nurtures

Eric Sethna


Trials, Cloud Evaluations, Upgrade/Downgrade Path, Billing, Purchases/Customer Portal, Licenses

John Lugtu

Platform & Distribution

Self-hosted deployment, Server Configuration, Scale, High Availabilty, Database, File Storage, Security, Logging, Kubernetes, Omnibus

Neil Barnett

For a comprehensive list of ownership areas, please see this document.

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