Research and Development

R&D includes engineering, QA, product management, documentation, analytics, community, and design (UX, UI).

R&D Key Info

What tools we use

We use a variety of tools at Mattermost. Not every team uses the same tools, and it can get overwhelming to try remember who uses what and where it is.

During onboarding you'll be provided with a list of tools to set up. You can also visit the Helpdesk to find the tool and request access.

Where to find information

We use a range of web properties and tools to document and share plans, specs, roadmaps, and release schedules.

Where to find us

Tip: We generally use channel naming conventions to make it easier to find channels. Team channels are prefixed with "team", feature channels prefixed with "feature" and so on. For example, if you're looking for a team channel, open the channel browser and search for "team".

Who we are

R&D is led by:

  • Corey Hulen - CTO

  • Chen Lim - VP, Product

We use this spreadsheet to track the organization structure.

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