Things to know about planning an in-person meet-up

We run as a distributed, high performance, and high-trust team and enabling team members to make meaningful connections is part of our culture. In-person meetups are an opportunity to build on those relationships. All in-person travel requires a Meetup Champion, also called Travel DRIs. This person will partner with the Workplace Community Manager on planning and logistics, and will also be responsible for obtaining appropriate approvals and ensuring applicable travel guidelines are followed.
Process for getting started
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    Obtain written approval to plan an in-person meetup from your team MLT.
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    Make a copy of this meetup template and complete as much as you can. Share your meetup template and the written approval with the Workplace Community Manager (WPCM).

Staff travel guidelines during COVID

Mattermost is not requiring any team members to travel during COVID. Although there may be some in-person travel planned for teams, departments, conferences, or meet-ups, no team member will be required to attend. We understand that folks may feel safer to travel depending on the current COVID data for the region they reside and plan to travel to, but we also understand that factors can change very quickly. We've created the following guidelines for anyone looking into or participating in any sort of in-person travel.
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    100% optional event. Attendance is not required for in-person meetings or events. Attending meetings or events in-person is at your own discretion and risk. Travelers should note:
    • You may need a proof of COVID-19 vaccine and/or PCR test at departure/arrival at some airports, it is each traveler’s responsibility to research, understand and abide by these requirements.
    • Travelers are responsible for knowing any travel visa requirements of your destination region(s) and region of origin. Please see more info here: Handbook > business travel.
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    Plan inclusively. We understand that not all team members will be able, or feel safe, to travel, and we ask that trip planners be mindful of your team, department, and colleagues when requesting a trip. This can include having an open conversation with the team members ahead of planning the trip. Staff are welcome to reach out to your People Partner or the Workplace Community Manager for help/tips on how to open these conversations.
    • Plan inclusive events with team members that do not attend, examples of this include, but aren’t limited to: access to meetings, conversations, notes, decisions. See: Dev Handbook > Meeting Etiquette for additional tips.
    • Team members can include a direct team, a guild, or a department but should make clear that there is no obligation nor requirement to attend any meetings or events in person.
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    Follow mandated travel guidelines. Travelers are responsible for, and required to abide by, the guidelines enforced in all locations to which they are traveling, this includes flight stopovers and the duration of the event. Additionally, travelers should refer to CDC guidelines, recommendations, and any local equivalent to ensure it’s safe to travel to/from the home country/region and destination. If you're unsure, please reach out to your manager or workplace to help blindspot check.
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    Book refundable fare and lodging. In the event that COVID travel requirements change in the departure or arrival regions, select refundable rates whenever possible.
    • For conferences or solo-type trips, Mattermost will not sponsor any lodging expenses due to quarantine requirements, unless there's a unique situation where this quarantine was unavoidable. Note: This trip is optional and not a work requirement, and similar to other trips like MatterCon, we won't cover any expenses outside of what the regional meetups state. We do have travel insurance, and staff are encouraged to review the AIG FAQ to understand coverage, guidelines and requirements.
    • Our preferred airline vendor is United Airlines and we have an account you can use. For info on booking travel, see Handbook: staff member expenses > airfare and traveling.
    • If you need help booking your travels, please use this form.
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    Travel Approval. Travel Champions will need approval by their Team MLT member and the Workplace Community Manager (WPCM) prior to booking. Travel approval requests should include: trip dates, purpose, and budget/cost.
    • Please use this meetups template and share with the WPCM for review and approval.
    • Travel champions are responsible for all travel planning. See above template for more information. If you need help please reach out to the WPCM.
    • Meetup requests that are longer than one day must be submitted two months in advance.
    • Meetup requests for a one day meetup must be submitted two weeks in advance.
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    Mask etiquette. In addition to following the guidelines of the venues and country/region, the team should plan to follow the CDC Guidelines for face coverings.
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    COVID-19 travel working group. This group will consist of: Hanna Park, Natalie Jew, Zef Hemel, who will meet on a monthly basis to assess any changes that may need to be made to the guidelines. Changes will be shared with MLT and MLX prior to finalization and internal messaging.
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