Content Marketing

50% DRAFT (revised by Ashley Dotterweich on Sept 1, 2020)

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Content V2MOM

Content V2MOM


Connect our audience’s priorities to our brand and the future of their industries through story.


Audience Obsessed, High Standards, Balancing Short- and Long-term Growth


Execute on content calendar & distribution process that focuses on high-impact themes and topics Develop & iterate on contributor, customer, & partner content programs * Uplevel SEO practices & site UX to improve content relevance & stickiness


Alignment with product roadmap Misunderstanding audience needs Not focusing on high-impact partner & customer stories Neglecting SEO groundwork


Publish & promote 6 case studies in Q3 Content programs are documented, socialized, & vacation-ready * 80% of the time the field has the content they need

Editorial Team

  • Ashley Dotterweich: Head of Content

  • Jason Blais: Lead Product Manager (Community)

  • Justin Reynolds: Copywriter

Editorial Channels & Meetings

  • To reach the editorial team directly, visit the #Content-Strategy channel in the Mattermost Team Server.

  • There is a weekly Content Strategy meeting to discuss the development of our strategy and processes.