Company agreements

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Who can sign on behalf of the company?

Company agreements should only be signed by CEO, Ian Tien, or CFO, Kendra Niedziejko, with the following exceptions:

  • If you are on-site and need to sign an NDA to enter a facility you may sign such an agreement.

  • The following agreements may also be signed by the VP Legal, Nirosha Ruwan:

    • Non-Disclosure Agreements.

    • Data Privacy Agreements

  • The following agreements may also be signed by the CFO, Kendra Niedziejko.

    • Unmodified Order Forms where the Customer is requesting a Mattermost signature.

    • Vendor contracts.

  • Any contracts with terms that could have material impacts on financing or M&A transactions may only be signed by the CEO (e.g. non-standard liability, indemnification or inability to assign the agreement).

Use the Authorization Matrix for a full list of document types and threshold levels.

Who can send contracts for signature?

The following staff are approved to send contracts to be e-signed:

Approved Mattermost staff

  • Lynn Conway - Primary for staff agreements

  • Amy Nicol - Primary for vendor contracts, consulting agreements, and corporate agreements

  • Nikki Johnson - Primary for sales agreements and customer supplier forms

  • Jeff Dynda - Approved vendor contracts from legal and customer supplier forms

  • Natalie Jew

What are e-sign completion expectations?

  • E-sign request sent on weekdays before 4pm Palo Alto time should be signed by 9pm Palo Alto on the same day and if sent on a weekend signed by 9pm Palo Alto time on the following Monday provided one of the following is true:

    • For e-sign from Mattermost staff member: The e-sign is sent by a Mattermost staff member and must have Legal approval. E-signs sent from approved Mattermost staff are preferred since they are archived automatically in our e-sign system.

    • For e-sign from outside the company: The e-sign is prepared by a non-Mattermost staff member (potentially a vendor, partner or customer) and Legal approval is provided via email to Ian Tien and Amy Nicol ideally ahead of receiving the e-sign request.

      • Within 5 business days of the e-sign completion the contract owner or Mattermost staff submitting for signature should send Amy Nicol a link to the URL containing the fully executed signature to confirm the archiving of the contract is complete, since archiving is not automatic.

        • Note: E-sign requests from non-Mattermost staff are automatically filtered to a spam folder and the spam filter needs to be searched to find the request.

  • If the timeline is urgent, or if the e-sign isn't completed by the expected timeline please send Ian Tien and Amy Nicol a Group Direct Message on the Mattermost server to expedite.

How to wet sign an agreement

  • A "wet sign" agreement requires printing and physically signing paperwork with a pen, which is required by some regulatory bodies.

    • Culturally, it is important we have a smooth, clear process that makes physically signing paperwork in a remote company almost as easy and error free as signing in a physical office.

  • Wet sign process

    • The wet sign process should follow the same workflow process as an e-sign process in terms of oversight and approvals, but instead of running the final e-sign a physical signing packet should be created with:

      • Two copies of printed paperwork to be signed.

        • Each should have sticker labels indicating what is needed to sign, so nothing is missed.

      • A pen.

      • Appropriate envelopes and/or UPS mailing labels to send the signed package on after it is received.

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