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Professional development tracks

This page outlines professional development tracks available to all product team members (Product Managers, Product Designers, Technical Writers, and Product Analytics Engineers).

The courses listed below are suggestions and not all have been validated. Some topics do not currently have a suggested course yet. If you take a class that is useful, please consider adding it to this list.


  1. Provide different professional development tracks that employees can use to grow their skills based on areas that are interesting to them in their career journeys.

  2. Within the tracks, be more prescriptive on how to spend the budget, so there are less barriers for employees to use the budget on professional development.

  3. Provide a process in which employees can be accountable for their own development and foster an environment of sharing their learnings.


Mattermost provides a Professional Development allotment of $500 to all staff. After Org 360 feedback conducted and shared in the 5/19/2021 Customer Obsession meeting, the product org increased professional development budget and professional development track, thereby increasing our investment in career development as employees grow with Mattermost.

Below are the various track discovered following research and discussions with product stakeholders. If you do not find a track or program of interest to you, please speak to your manager! We aim to be flexible in providing the right professional development that suits your interest and career progression.

Technical Excellence Upleveler

  • Recommended for: Employees with 2+ years of tenure at Mattermost.

  • Track focus and outcomes: With a solid foundation in your functional area and of Mattermost Practices, employees are empowered to take courses to deepen their technical acumen in an area of interest. This may be to build deeper skills in an area they are already familiar with or in a new technical area they are not. The goal is to expand their knowledge on a technical topic that will improve their functional area and grow their professional skills portfolio.

  • Additional $3000 professional development budget for:

    • Functional training courses

    • Professional certifications

    • Subscription to trade publications or groups

    • Udacity Courses offer specific training programs over multiple weeks

    • offers specific training course in programming

Aspiring Mattermost Leader

Agile Practitioner Aficionado

Communication Ninja

Community Steward

Business SuperStar

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Product management


Software strategy

System security

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