How to submit a purchase request

Guided Procurement is a purchase module within Airbase where you can make the following types of purchase requests:

  1. Virtual card - recurring

  2. Virtual card - one time

  3. Purchase Order

How to make a purchase request:

Log into Airbase via Okta.

Go to Request > Purchase.

Complete the Spend Intake form.

  1. Primary Information - choose the appropriate primary and secondary spend categories for your request. See Primary and Secondary Spend Categories mapping and approval workflows here.

  2. Vendor & Budget Details - when completing this section, please be prepared to provide the following information:

    a. Vendor or seller of the product or service

    b. Short description of the request

    c. Allocated budget - the currency default is USD. If your request is not in USD, please ensure you choose the correct currency.

Important Note on Contractors and Consultants: If your request is for a contractor or consultant, do not continue completing the Spend Intake form. Please go to Ironclad first to complete the Mattermost Template for Services and Consulting launch form; you can find more information here. It is highly encouraged for you and your contractor/consultant to use our consulting agreement. Once a draft of the consulting agreement is approved in Ironclad, you can return to Airbase to submit your purchase order using the Ironclad generated contract. If the vendor requires the use of their contract, you can proceed.

Complete the questions in the Budget, IT, Legal and Security and Finance and Accounting sections. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. If applicable for your request, information about the software tool needed or information about internal systems your contractor/consultant may need access to

  2. Full address, vendor contact information (billing department) and related legal documents or copy of online T&C's in Word document.

  3. Counterparty signer email address. It is highly encourage that you have this information up front. See below for more additional context.

Additional notes

When your request is in the Legal and Security approval milestone stage, please go to Ironclad for any comments, review notes, and redlines from Legal. Please note that once the related legal document is approved, it will be sent for signatures from Ironclad via Docusign. It is highly encouraged that your vendor signs the Docusign packet sent from Ironclad. If the vendor requires that they sign internally, please communicate this to the Procurement and Legal teams.

Once both parties have signed the related legal documents, the document(s) will be archived in Ironclad.

In the Finance and Accounting section, you will have the ability to choose the type of purchase request. The types of purchase requests available are virtual card (one-time), virtual card (recurring), purchase order as mentioned above. The most common uses for each type of purchase request can be found here.

For any questions or concern, please reach out to

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