Vendor onboarding


Effective Date: January 1, 2021

If you're a new full-time staff member who will be issuing Mattermost a monthly or bi-monthly invoice, new vendor supplying goods or services, or a contractor to Mattermost, you will need to onboard as a new vendor with the Finance Team.

New Vendor or Contractor

After your contract has gone through our procurement process, the Finance Team will set up your vendor in Accrualify. The Finance team will send the vendor a Welcome email to the vendor portal. In the portal, the vendor can provide their basic information and banking information, as well as provide their appropriate tax documents like:

  1. Form W-9 (please click here for IRS guidelines) (US vendors)

  2. Form W-8BEN (please click here for IRS guidelines) (Non-US vendors)

  3. Form W-8BENE (please click here for IRS guidelines) (Non-US vendors)

Invoicing and Payment

For timely payment, invoices should be sent to or uploaded into the vendor portal. For further information on receiving payment by Mattermost, please refer to the How to get paid page.

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