One of the principles of Mattermost’s Remote First culture is the ability to work from anywhere. Working from anywhere means more time with loved ones, no commute, and the ability to control everything about your workspace. Staff agreements are conditioned upon the country/region of residence noted in a staff member’s contract. Location change requests/relocations should be discussed with HR and your MLT member as there may be time zone or location requirements for specific roles and teams. Staff must receive written approval from the company prior to a country or region relocation.

Mattermost does not sponsor work visas. In order to relocate, staff members must be eligible to work in their desired country/region of residence without sponsorship (unless requested to relocate by Mattermost to fulfill a specific business need).

Address change

In most cases, moves within the same region/country do not require MLT and HR approval. Staff members should update their new address in BambooHR. Managers will be notified of the update via BambooHR and are responsible for approving the request which triggers HR updates to other systems where applicable. Intrastate (US) or intraprovincial (Canada) relocations follow the Relocation Request Process and require MLT and HR approval.

Short Term Travel (less than 6 months)

In most cases, FT staff are able to travel and work outside of their contractual region/location for a period of less than 6 months in a 12 month period (time away from one’s contractual location does not need to be consecutive - rather it’s 6 months total in any 12 month period).

Staff members are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary permits and documentation to work legally and must get manager approval prior to traveling. HR should be notified if travel extends beyond a 6 month period and will follow the relocation request process and review, requiring MLT and HR approval.

Some roles are not eligible to work outside of their contractual region/location. Reach out to HR for more information.

Relocation policy

FT staff that wish to relocate outside of their contractual region/location for a period of 6 months or longer require MLT and HR approval and follow the Relocation Request Process.

  1. Team member to seek manager approval for relocation.

  2. Manager to determine whether: (i) Mattermost is open to hire in the desired location; (b) the time zone shift (if applicable) can be supported by the team/role (where applicable); and (iii) the role is needed in the desired location (where applicable).

  3. Manager to initiate relocation review by completing the Request for Relocation Form.

  4. MLT, HR, and Total Rewards to advise on next steps, including compensation review where applicable.

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