What is a contract?

A contract is a binding agreement between two or more parties that defines the rights and obligations of each party. An agreement is legally enforceable once it meets the requirements of applicable laws. The most common elements of a contract include the offer of something of value (services or product), the acceptance of that offer, and payment or the promise to pay for the item being offered.

Who has authority to bind Mattermost to its contracts?

Our Approvals Matrix and Signing Authority policy address who within the company has the authority to bind the company and sign on behalf of the company. However, our internal policies may not always be available or apparent to individuals outside of Mattermost. Accordingly, there could be times when your actions could lead others to believe you have authority when you do not. For this reason it is important to clearly state when you do not have the authority to enter into agreements on behalf of the company with third parties.

How do we contract at Mattermost?

All contracts, with the exception of People Ops contracts, are centralized through the SpotDraft contract management system. If you do not have access to SpotDraft, you can contact IT and request access.
Through SpotDraft you can:
  • Request a new contract template to be sent out to a third party.
  • Request a third party's contract template be reviewed.
  • Initiate the signing process of a contract.
  • Upload fully executed contracts.
  • Search for existing contracts.
Guidelines and step-by-step procedures for the above workflows can be found on the following pages in the Legal section of the Handbook. If you have any questions about the contracting process, feel free to reach out to Legal.