Staff Recruiting

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In order to continually increase what we offer to customers we need to continually source, assess, hire and onboard new staff members. The below outlines the process for recruiting new staff into the company.

Role Description

Role descriptions should have clear responsibilities and requirements for each role that a recruiter can use to filter candidates and interviews can use to assess the candidate's fit for the role.


  • What will the candidates need to do be successful in their role in our culture (e.g. hire and manage team building new product line)?

  • What will the interview panel be interviewing for in their meetings?


  • What you want recruiters to screen for in providing candidates?

  • What will you want your interview panel to verify in terms of core capabilities (e.g. ability to hire and manage a remote-first team, etc.)?

Pre-Meet Scores (Optional)

In the selection process prior to meeting candidates, hiring managers face two big challenges:

  • Too much volume - Too many applications and resumes potentially qualified for the job description

  • Not enough clarity - It's easy to miss amazing talent that doesn't have a well-written resume (a lot of top talent doesn't need to look for jobs, they just get referred by people who worked with them before)

Because of this, we offer hiring managers a framework for summarizing a potential candidate's background ahead of meeting them (i.e. a "pre-meet score"), which can be completed by recruiters, by candidate screeners or by the candidate themselves.

There are multiple pre-meet scores:

  • Company pre-meet score: A score to help identify candidates that may have advantages in succeeding in our culture or in advantages to the company in increasing our ability to connect with underrepresented talent pools (international experience, different gender identities, educational backgrounds, etc.)

  • Department pre-meet score: Each department may have its own criteria used in recruiting screens to provide an additional pre-meet score in addition to the company pre-meet score.

Company Pre-Meet Score

Company pre-meet scores are as follows:

Community Experience

  • Open source businesses (+1): Worked in company on the Commercial Open Source Company Index or some experience in open source in general

  • Open source contributor (+2): Has a GitHub or GitLab account and contributed to open source projects

  • Mattermost contributor (+10): Has made a contribution to the Mattermost open source project or open source code integrating with our software

  • Customer, partner or user (+3): Works for a customer, partner or company that uses Mattermost software

Industry Experience

  • DevOps workflow experience (+3) - Practitioner of DevOps or worked in vendor of DevOps tools

  • Hyper-growth business (+1): Worked in a company growing 2x to 3.5x year-over-year for at least two years.

  • Unified communications experience (+1) - Worked at a company sponsoring Enterprise Connect conference or worked on product associated with the space (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workspaces, WebEx Teams, Cisco Jabber, Chime, Facebook Workplace, Yammer, Jive, SharePoint, Lync, Skype for Business, etc.)

  • Mobile security (+1): Worked with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions or at companies like AirWatch, Mobile Iron, Good Technologies/Blackberry Dynamics, etc.

  • On-prem or hybrid software (+1): Helped customers be successful on infrastructure that they alone control

  • Enterprise software experience (+1) - Worked in business with 50%+ revenue coming from customers with over 10,000 employees

  • Social or mobile messaging or games experience (+3): Experience in social networking, social games, mobile games, or mobile messaging with understanding of online collaboration in consumer/prosumer space. Our consumer/prosumer DNA from being a video game company before we were an enterprise software company is a competitive advantage for us vs. other enterprise software companies.


  • Former YC founder (+1)

  • Success working from home, at least 2 years (+2)

  • Success working in Slack, HipChat, Discord or similar IRC-based messenger (+2)

  • Used Mattermost at work (+3)

  • Technical undergraduate degree (+1)


  • Does not current reside in San Francisco Bay Area (+3)

  • Worked outside the U.S. for at least 2 years as an adult (+2)

  • Gender identity other than male (+3)

  • Lack of any university of college education (+3): For someone to be highly successful in technology without a formal education is rare and team members will this profile can help us expand into new talent pools