Product Design team handbook



The purpose of this handbook is to provide more details on the Product Design roles, processes, and relations to other functions within the organization to foster success for employees in this role. This handbook may be shared with other functional areas so they may gain a better understanding of the Product Designer role, and develop a greater understanding for responsibilities and interaction areas.

The Product Design team

Message the entire team via @uxteam in the UX Design channel on

The Product Design team is made up of the following team members (including their username on

  • Matthew Birtch (@matthew.birtch)

  • Abhijit Singh (@abhijit.singh)

  • Asaad Mahmood (@asaad)

The Product Designer role

Product Designers are organized within the R&D area of Mattermost. However, they have interactions with all departments and areas to ensure the success of the product.

Strategic priorities

Product Designers are responsible for working with Product Managers to carry out the strategic priorities of the product. They are tasked with ensuring the product is designed to meet customers' and users' needs. Understanding that each client and user have their own set of specific requirements, use cases, and preferences; a Product Designer must understand the patterns and experiences across a broad range of input and focus on exploiting value in the areas that will provide the greatest impact for the largest audience.

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