How to run executive dinners

10% draft


  1. Build brand of Mattermost as helpful in bringing people together and building new relationships

  2. Identify opportunities where Mattermost educational or commercial teams can benefit existing or new customers


  • Dinner should be budgeted by either executive cost center (if CEO is driving) or marketing (if CTO or other exec is driving)


  • Set date at least 2 months ahead of event

  • Find and confirm 2-3 anchor guests to set the tone and audience of the evening at least 5 weeks ahead of dinner

    • E.g. C-suite execs vs. strong technical leaders, etc.


  • Book venue and time slot as private room with 10-15 spaces, and a backup space for 20-30 people in case we have more accepts than anticipated

  • Develop invite list and criteria--ideally friends of friends in companies that use or could use Mattermost

  • Send invites 3-4 weeks ahead of event

Pre-dinner checklist

  • Email of bios of key guests on the table 2h prior to dinner (XXX link to template)

    • Include names, titles, company and email of all guests

  • All Mattermost staff attending should review bios of guests so they can introduce people

  • Name card tents printed on both sides (XXX link to template)

  • Seating organized to ensure high value conversation among guests

    • Mattermost staff positioned to host all guests

Dinner checklist

  • Organizer welcomes each guest as they arrive

  • Welcome message at the start of dinner introducing guests

  • Take group photos at the start of the dinner

    • Ask if it's okay to tweet and share online

Post-dinner checklist

  • Email sent by organizer thanking everyone for attending

    • Include group photo

  • Tweet if appropriate

  • Mattermost staff who have gotten to know guests can consider connecting with them on LinkedIn, Twitter or via email