How to Contribute Content

How to Contribute Blog Content

The following outlines Mattermost’s content contribution process for team & community members.

Ideation/Topic Submission

Before starting work on the post, let Ashley or Jason B. know that you’d like to write something. All types of content are welcome, but we’ll prioritize content that fits into our Content Themes. We will work together to come up with an estimated project timeline/deadline for the content.

A pitch should include:

  • Who is the audience?

  • Who gets the byline (if not you)?

  • Is there a particular deadline/publication date for this post?

  • Where else do we want to post this content?

For technical content, topic & outline must be approved by Eng leads or Jason D. before moving forward

Drafting & Editing

Every piece of content will go through at least one round of editing before it is ready to go live. At this point, the Editorial team will also start working on the Distribution Checklist for the content, and may request assistance from the contributor on gathering graphics, screenshots, and other assets required to launch.


The editorial team will take care of the rest -- after the post is published, the contributor will be asked to help with promotion on their social accounts (retweeting, sharing with their network, etc.). See our Content Distribution Checklist for more on what goes into content distribution.

Submission FAQs

How far ahead do I need to submit a piece of content?

Content should be shared at least a week in advance, preferably two. Feel free to give the editorial team a heads up in #Marketing ahead of time if you know you would like to write a piece.

What if I need help writing a post?

Refer to our Writing a Blog Post Guidelines as a starting point, but feel free to ping Ashley if you need additional assistance with ideation, drafting, or editing

I want to contribute! What should I write about?

Content that aligns with our themes and content strategy goals will be prioritized, but all sorts of topics are welcome. Some ideas to get you started:

  • How did you solve a problem recently? What advice would you give to someone tackling this issue?

  • What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about in open source/DevOps/SaaS recently, and how has it changed how you think about your work?

Still not sure? Ping Ashley D. or Jason B. for ideas.

How to Contribute Social Posts

To submit requests for social media posts to the marketing team, anyone within Mattermost can use the Social Post Submission form.

The form includes the following questions:

  • Please share the URL of the post you’d like to highlight (Required)

  • Is there a particular message, sentiment or CTA you’d like to include in the post?

  • Should this post go live on a specific date? If no date is specified, your post will be queued for the next available time slot.

  • Are there any hashtags or handles you’d like us to use?

  • Are there specific graphics or images that you'd like to include in the post? Please link them here.

Responses are sent to the Social Post Submission (Responses) spreadsheet and the Editorial team is notified. After posts are scheduled, the requester is notified via Mattermost to confirm that their social posts have been processed.

Editorial Team SLA:

The Editorial team receives notifications for all social media submissions as they come in, and will process requests as they come in. Every Friday morning we will clear out the backlog (if any) and schedule remaining post requests.