Learning and development


Learning is a cornerstone of our culture and a core aspect of our "Self Awareness" Leadership Principle. We strive to provide opportunities for individual growth and career development by encouraging continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Guiding principles

  1. Inclusively enable: People learn differently and in the context of learning enabling performance, we strive to design learning experiences and programs to support our global workforce.

  2. Cultural reinforcement: Learning and Development programs should reinforce our Leadership Principles: Customer Obsession, Ownership, High Impact, Earn Trust, Self Awareness.

  3. Develop mastery: Make the learnings impactful by choosing training that you’ll be able to practice at work. The Forgetting Curve shows how learned information slips out of memory unless action and care is taken to retain it. The Learning Pyramid shows that 90% of learned material is retained when you teach it to someone else. In other words, Learn, Master, Teach.

Learning programs

Manager 01 is a toolkit developed by the People Team to onboard new managers and equip them with the fundamental knowledge and resources they’ll need to be successful People Managers at Mattermost. The toolkit is designed to help new managers understand expectations including behaviors, shared values, programs, and processes. The toolkit is a living document and will continue to evolve over time. Managers are encouraged to share feedback and contribute to the learning and development of their peers.

The Manager Core Skills Training Series is developed by LifeLabs Learning and based on extensive research in psychology and organizational behavior. The training consists of 10 workshops and is designed to equip managers with the core skills and knowledge key to effective and inclusive leadership.

  • We offer LifeLabs Learning workshops to our Individual Contributors (ICs) to enhance important skills and competencies that complement the Manager Core Skills Training Series.

  • Culture Amp’s Skills Coach delivers bite-size, daily, interactive online learnings that are based on LifeLabs’ Core Skills material. Managers and ICs can self-enroll in the micro-workshops directly in Culture Amp.

GrowthSpace Coaching is an impactful way for individuals to boost their performance and drive their growth and development. We’ve partnered with Growth Space to offer full-time staff an opportunity to engage with industry experts through a tailored coaching program. Participants will be matched with an experienced coach over five one-hour long sessions to develop, improve, or enhance key skills identified as targeted areas for growth. The focus areas will align with specific development goals participants set in combination with their manager.


Learning is a core part of our culture and we strive to emphasize deliberate development by creating different learning opportunities and experiences that help support our global, remote team. As a GrowthSpace participant, you will be matched with an experienced coach to develop, improve, and enhance key skills identified as targeted areas for growth that align with specific development goals that you've set with your manager.

  1. Participants: All full-time staff are eligible to participate in the GrowthSpace program. While managers may nominate a direct report to participate, full-time staff are also encouraged to self-nominate.

Coaching requires an investment of time and energy. As a general guideline, it’s a benefit that's ideal for individuals who are self-aware, are open to change and feedback, and:

  • Are a new or emerging leader, or have a desire to move into a leadership role; or

  • Have recently changed roles, or have recently been promoted; or

  • Have experienced significant organizational change and their success is critical to the success of the team or department; or

  • Have identified development goals they'd like to achieve in the short term (6 months - 1 year) and will benefit from additional coaching to enhance specific strengths to be more effective.

Given the limited number of spaces available, please discuss the opportunity with your manager to determine if this is the right opportunity for you before submitting your self-nomination. Reach out to hr@mattermost.com with any questions. Priority will be given to applicants that meet the criteria above.

  1. Process: If you're interested in participating in the GrowthSpace coaching program, consider the growth opportunities from your most recent performance or development conversation. Meet with your manager to align on one to two specific development goals and a GrowthSpace focus area. Once you’re both happy and aligned on the plan, complete the GrowthSpace Self-Reflection Form. Next, you'll receive an online GrowthSpace onboarding form to fill out in order to be matched with an expert according to your role and your targeted area for growth.

Once matched, you'll receive an email from GrowthSpace including your coach’s details and an invitation to schedule your first session. The program consists of five one-hour long coaching sessions. We recommend spacing each session 1-2 weeks apart so you have a chance to reflect on your sessions and actively practice on the job to reinforce your learnings. If you feel that the match isn’t right for you, you can change your coach after the first session. All GrowthSpace coaches sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your privacy. Throughout the program, review and update your progress with your manager during your regular 1:1s to ensure you’re on track.

  1. Feedback: GrowthSpace will prompt participants to fill out a feedback survey after the third and final sessions to assess program effectiveness. Following the final session, meet with your manager in your regular 1:1 to review the outcomes of the program together and discuss results and next steps. Within 30 days of program completion, People Ops will send participants and their managers a feedback form to collect your feedback to evaluate the success of the initiative including: reactions, learnings, observations, results, and overall effectiveness of the program.

  2. Program orientation For more on the GrowthSpace program and how to get started, check out the orientation videos.

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