Help Wanted tickets

Thank you for your interest in contributing! Join our "Contributors" community channel where you can discuss questions with community members and the Mattermost core team.

Per the Code Contribution Guidelines, other than small bug fixes and incremental improvements, only pull requests referencing Help Wanted GitHub issues should be submitted to Mattermost projects. This ensures:

  1. Proposed changes have been unambiguously specified.

  2. The change meets the fast, obvious, forgiving design principle for the project.

  3. Volunteers are willing to test, document, support and maintain changes (authentication options are critical paths that need manual testing with each monthly release in perpetuity).

Key contributors and core team members nominate changes for Help Wanted issues by opening a Jira ticket.

Nominating changes for Help Wanted status

Jira tickets nominating a feature for Help Wanted status should include:

  1. Title clearly and concisely describes change proposed.

  2. Description is unambiguous and includes UI description and help text so feature can be implemented and tested by any contributor.

  3. If related to a community discussion, include link to ticket in discussion and link to discussion in ticket.

Tickets meeting HW criteria receive a Help Wanted label by triage team and appear in Help Wanted list.

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