Leaves of absence

The People Team will continue to update this page to include entity-specific leave entitlements. Local regulation will override any Mattermost policy, and each Mattermost policy will run concurrent to the local regulations of similar criteria. Reach out to HR with any questions.

COVID-19 sick and family leave notices

If you or a family member have been affected by COVID-19, please reach out to HR. Below is a list of postings or government sites with more information for regions where Mattermost has an entity:

Types of leaves of absence

How to apply for a leave of absence (staff)

  1. To initiate your leave, please send an email to HR and your manager at least thirty days before your leave. Also, review your local regulations based on your employment location. These are subject to change as legal requirements change.

  2. Discuss dates with your manager and enter the dates in BambooHR. The dates may be approximate and HR will adjust accordingly once the leave begins.

  3. The effective leave of absence date should be confirmed with HR if it changes from the initial notification and updated in BambooHR accordingly.

Manager responsibilities during a leave of absence

  1. Inform and meet with HR. Every region has specific statutory sick and family leave requirements. Each situation may be different in eligibility criteria andd benefit amounts.

  2. Finalize the dates of leave. Work with the staff member who is planning a leave. This should be completed at least 30 days prior to the leave date, when possible.

  3. Approve dates in BambooHR. Especially in instances where a birth date is not planned, the dates will be approximate and expected to adjust accordingly.

  4. Create and communicate the plan for coverage. Managers should work with the staff member to create a coverage plan and identify training and documentation that will ensure responsibilities are covered.

    a) Temporary Staff. A manager may utilize temporary staffing solutions as part of their coverage plan. Reach out to People Ops for assistance with temporary staffing agencies.

    b) Non-temporary headcount requests. Please note non-temporary requests will not be approved for roles that include the majority of job responsibilities of the staff member planning to take leave. Any staff member going on a pregnancy or baby bonding parental leave of absence is entitled to job protection rights respective to the benefit and their respective local regulations. An exception will be considered if the manager is notified that the staff member is extending a leave beyond that which Mattermost and their local law allows.

  5. Communicate the plan for coverage. Define interim contact person(s) for roles and responsibilities of the team member going on leave, share internally with team and appropriate cross-functional partners.

  6. Notify HR via email if the effective leave of absence date changes from the initial BambooHR request. An expected baby due date is likely to change. In order to minimize disruption in pay for the staff member on leave, managers are required to notify HR of any changes to the initial leave request.

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