Equity, diversity, and inclusion

We're committed to purposefully designing EDI into every facet of our programs and operations. This section is meant to document tips and best practices that we strive to follow as we plan events and activities.

Event organization best practices

  1. Tools: Think purposefully about the tools we are using to engage our audience. For example, some people in the open source world may not be able to use tools that are proprietary software. Also, some people in certain countries may not be able to use certain tools because of country/region restrictions. Sending a survey beforehand with different tool options could help identify good tools to use for a specific event.

  2. Timezones: Be as inclusive of as many different timezones as possible.

  3. Code of Conduct: Make our Code of Conduct a requirement at all events and actively help our community with friction and conflict.

  4. Accessibility: Advocate for accessibility in all of our events and materials.

  5. Captioning and translation: Strive to have all video captioned in at least American English, and translated in as many languages as possible.

  6. Share slides beforehand: Share slides with attendees so that people who use screen readers can follow along.

  7. Images should have alt text: This is for screen readers for people who are blind or are visually impaired. Be descriptive with the image. Maybe a few sentences about what the most important content is.

  8. Use proper headings in your text editor: Use your text editor's built-in heading formatting so that screen readers understand the organization of the page.

  9. Describe infographics with audio: Describe the most important parts of infographics to help with accessibility.

Other ways we foster diversity, inclusion, and belonging:

  1. Images: We promote the use of images that represent a diverse group of users, customers, and community members. When we see a lack of diverse representation, we speak up and actively help update those images when possible.

  2. Speakers: As event organizers and participants, we seek to include a diverse set of speakers in events that we organize or sponsor.

  3. We are open-minded: We actively seek feedback and keep an open mind about our current policies. We are open to change and are willing to make structural changes to ensure that we continue to foster EDI among our team and the wider community.

  4. We retain a growth-mindset and keep learning: We read articles, attend workshops, and participate in training that helps educate us about how to foster EDI in our community and how to be inclusive ourselves.

  5. We encourage a diverse set of community members to participate in research: We recognize the product inclusivity is important and that we need to build with our community, not just for them.

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