Partner programs

Ready to place an order? Complete our deal registration form to be eligible for a reseller discount.

Ready to become a Mattermost partner? Contact us with a request to become a Mattermost partner under one of the programs listed below. If applicable, include the name of the customer to which you would like to resell.

Mattermost offers multiple partner programs:

  • Mattermost Authorized Reseller Program for one-time resale transactions fulfilling customer request to reseller.

  • Mattermost Value-Added Reseller Program for on-going resellers providing first and second tier support in local language and local timezone.

  • Mattermost Deployment Solutions Partner Program for co-marketing relationships with both commercial and open source partners automating the deployment of Mattermost.

Mattermost Authorized Reseller Program

The purpose of the Mattermost Authorized Reseller Program is to enable customers to purchase Mattermost Enterprise Edition via a fulfillment partner. The fulfillment partner earns a fee from the customer for reselling Mattermost into their procurement department, and for navigating the various approval processes, but does not provide support or installation services.

Companies who enter into a Mattermost Authorized Reseller agreement typically have existing relationships with customers, and help them procure information technology products.

Becoming a Mattermost Authorized Reseller

  • Complete a contact form with Mattermost to request an Authorized Reseller discussion and, if available, include the name of the customer to which you would like to resell.

  • You'll be in contact with a partner manager via email, or possibly phone, to understand the details of your business and the resale transaction.

  • Once the resale is approved internally, you will be provided a one-time click-sign authorized reseller agreement to complete, along with purchase order information for your customer.

Placing an order as a Mattermost Authorized Reseller

When ready to place an order, submit a purchase order to along with the name, address, and contact information of your customer.

Note: Mattermost does not accept customer purchase orders or custom terms for Reseller orders.

Mattermost, Inc. will then:

Mattermost Value-Added Reseller Program

The purpose of the Mattermost Value-Added Reseller program is to enable customers to purchase Mattermost Enterprise Edition via a partner who provides fulfillment support as well as first and second tier customer support in local timezone and local language.

Value-Added Resellers who complete online training, and have set up local support processes, are offered a discount to Mattermost Enterprise Edition list prices.

Benefits of being a Mattermost Value-Added Reseller ("VAR")

  • Reseller discount from list prices for selling Mattermost Enterprise Edition.

  • Partner Evaluation License for Mattermost Enterprise Edition E20.

  • Relationship with Mattermost field sales for fulfilling orders customer orders.

Becoming a Mattermost Value-Added Reseller ("VAR")

  • Complete a contact form with Mattermost requesting a reseller discussion.

  • Reseller applications are reviewed within 1-2 weeks. Resellers meeting the following criteria are invited for a partnership discussion:

    • An existing customer has inquired by purchasing Mattermost Enterprise Edition via resale.

    • Your company has at least two years of operating history.

    • If your company is located in a non-English-speaking country, you are willing and able to provide first and second tier support in the local language, via training materials provided by Mattermost, Inc.

    • Provided the partnership discussion meets expectations, a non-exclusive reseller agreement is offered to the reseller specific to geography and industry.

  • Resellers work with the Strategic Alliance Manager on Mattermost Enterprise Edition opportunities.

Order Processing

  • For each customer opportunity, you must complete a deal registration form to be eligible for a reseller discount.

  • Once the deal is registered, Mattermost will review the registration and contact you regarding approval, rejection, or to obtain more information.

  • Request a quotation from your Mattermost Strategic Alliance Manager for customer purchase, including the email address of the customer contact who will receive the license key.

  • The customer must sign the quotation before you issue a purchase order.

Mattermost, Inc. will then:

If a partner has registered a deal, received approval, and the customer purchases online, the partner may invoice Mattermost for a referral fee equal to the discount off list price for the product with an invoice note "Referral fee for deal registration [DEAL_REGISTRATION_NUMBER]" (sent to

Mattermost Deployment Solutions Partner Program

Commercial and open source organizations who demonstrate the ability to automate the deployment and maintenance of Mattermost systems per our Deployment Solution Program guidelines are offered a co-marketing partnership, which may include:

  • Listings in the Mattermost partner directory.

  • Guest writer opportunities on the Mattermost blog.

  • Joint-webinar opportunities.

  • Promotion on Mattermost social media accounts.

  • Partner Evaluation License for Mattermost Enterprise Edition E20.

To apply for the program, complete the contact form with Mattermost requesting a deployment solutions partner discussion.

Partner Directory

A directory of Mattermost partners can be found at

After completion of a partner agreement, partners are invited to send an overview of their services with a logo for inclusion in the Mattermost partner directory.

To get started, please email the following to

  • Partner Name: Your legal name may be shortened to fit in the directory listing. If you wish you can state your full legal name as part of your partner description.

  • Partner Description: Between 30-100 words describing your business. See examples at

  • City, State/Province, and Country: Location of key office or offices providing Mattermost services, or global headquarters.

  • Website: URL of main website for your organization.

  • Logo: At least 200px wide.

If you have joined the Value-Added Reseller program, your reseller territory will appear in the listing as well.

Listing location of key office

In the partner listing, city locations follow a "concise clarity" principle:

  • Cities that are not well-known, or which have very similiarly-named cities in the same country, are displayed as CITY, STATE/PROVINCE, COUNTRY.

  • Well-known and uniquely-named cities, display as CITY, COUNTRY.

For example: A well-known city with a unique name like Johannesburg would be displayed as "Johannesburg, South Africa" and not "Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa", which is unnecessarily long. Similiarly a less well-known city, like "Arvada" is referenced as "Arvada, Colorado, USA".

Partner Evaluation License

As a Value-Added Reseller or Deployment Solution Partner, you can request a renewable 1-year E20 license for up to 50 users.

  • Go to to complete a trial form and enter [RESELLER] after your organization name.

  • In the “Where are you with Mattermost” section, select Other.

  • Please send an email to letting us know the above have been completed so your application can be reviewed and matched against our certified reseller database.

  • Please expect delivery in 2-3 business days.

Mattermost Partner Program FAQ

Frequently asked questions from Mattermost partners.

Can a partner sell Mattermost products without revealing the name of an end customer?

No. Mattermost, Inc. must know all end customers with whom it does business. This is important for Mattermost to be able to service and renew the end customer if the reseller relationship is discontinued. Moreover, Mattermost cannot do business with customers in countries embargoed by the United States, and this must be confirmed in any commercial transaction.

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