Release tips

Bug bashes
  • Run a bug bash at least for major releases.
  • Bug bashes can either be run asynchronously/individually or as a group.
  • Use a playbook to run bug bashes - example bug bash playbook.
    • PMs can assign test assignments and testers under the "Testing areas" checklist item.
  • Decide environments to test on - normally community-daily or + include Mobile and Desktop app environments.
  • Decide date(s) for the bug bash.
  • Announce bug bash on the day when the bug bash starts.
  • Invite community members to participate in the bug bash.
  • Triage owner (normally Release Manager) - review reported issues to identify what to fix for the upcoming release and open/assign tickets to teams.
Changelog checklist
  • Features
    • State benefits first.
    • Order features based on benefit for end users.
    • Include links to docs where appropriate.
  • Bugs
    • Check/test if the issue was in previous server version.
  • All sections
    • Check that all sections are written and formatted the same way as in previous changelogs.
  • API/Websocket/Database
    • Work with Devs on this section.
  • Next version
    • If the changelog mentions items regarding upcoming versions, move them to the bottom of the changelog.
Ways to meet deadlines
  • Post a list of dates for next release at or soon after T-0 and ping all of the teams.
  • For features and bugs, start pinging early enough before due dates and make public posts.
  • When pinging people, provide a clear due date and give a reason for the due date (e.g., Code Complete on Monday).
  • Ask if people need any help or have any questions.
  • Monitor progress of translations at and ping language maintainers a few days before due date if they're not getting to 100%.
  • Ask DevOps to submit a new translations PR if a translation deadline extension is requested.
  • Target date for final translations PR is T-5, but T-3 is acceptable.
Ways that features/bugs guidelines are currently enforced
  • Features guidelines:
    • Start to ping people already at T-15 or earlier for feature PRs that are still open.
  • Bugs guidelines:
    • Need to focus on fixing only S1 and S2 bugs after T-5 to avoid missing T-2 deadline for cutting the final.
Ways to ensure features are tested for HA/Mobile/Scale
  • HA: Test server available.
  • Scale: Via loadtests.
Release marketing