How to record a roadmap video


Publicly share roadmap updates for the month’s upcoming release and large future feature with our community and provide a mechanism for getting their feedback and questions.

Process kickoff

The Roadmap Update Process playbook is used to help coordinate the activities of the process. It's started on the second-to-last Monday of the month by Katie giving the team 14 days to complete the workflow.

Video format

The video recording should be 5-7 minutes and focused on your area of ownership. Videos can be recorded using any recording software.

The audience is external and messaging is focused on the value the feature brings for a specific use cases. No customer names should be visible or used in your recording.

The recording includes:

  • Big features releasing in the current month.

  • Provide a demo of the feature (if possible, designs if not) and describe the value proposition - what benefit it has to users/customers.

  • Update on most requested or important features and their expected timelines (3+ months).

  • Share designs if available, provide an updated timeline of target release, and where users can reach out to discuss or learn more.

Video production

Marketing has guidelines on the production of the video, which include adding an intro and outro on the video and minimum resolution requirements. Please view these guidelines here.

Marketing will do the final production of the video for you. Create a Asana task to request this work including:

  • The video file.

  • Working title of the video (subject to change for marketing purposes).

  • Description of the video.

  • Desired publication date. Minimum 5-business day turnaround for all requests.

Request Marketing to also upload the completed video to our Wisteria account and send you a public link back to the video.

Video posting

Once Marketing has finished producing your video and you have the link, post it to the Contributor Team Roadmap channel. In the event that you are out of office for the first Monday of the month, please post prior to the first Monday.

Post format:

#### {AOR} {Month, Year} Roadmap Update
Please find our Roadmap presentation attached below. Help us keep track of reach by adding your checkmark reaction to this post :white_check_mark: after you've watched. Feel free to post questions and any feedback you might have! #{AOR} #roadmap-update-2021

Video sharing

On the first Monday of the new month, we'll hold an internal meeting (PM:Sales Meeting) to share our videos and answer any internal questions on features coming out for the month or highly anticipated features coming soon.

After our internal meeting is held, Katie will post to the Reception channel a cross post to encourage people to join the Roadmap channel:

Please checkout roadmap updates for the month of {month} in our [Roadmap channel](!

Process retrospective

Katie will queue the retrospective for the next PM weekly meeting.

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