Engineer onboarding timeline and expectations

This is the general timeline and expectations for new engineers starting at Mattermost. It is meant to guide new engineers, help them focus on the right tasks, and set expectations to help them be successful at Mattermost. It is not a hard timeline in any sense and circumstances may shorten, lengthen, or re-order the timeline.

Week 1: Focus on environment setup and introductions

Week 2: Focus on digesting information dump

  • Continue getting used to processes and workflows

    • Sit in on some spec/design/technical meetings - your dev lead should send you invites to these meetings

    • Do some code reviews - your dev lead should assign you to some

  • Introduction meetings

    • Meet with a different team member for 30 minutes each day

  • Mentor for the week is a senior teammate

    • Meet for at least 10 - 15 minutes each day

  • Meet with dev lead

    • Meet 2 - 3 times in the week

    • Go over core values and Leadership Principles with dev lead

  • Work on 1 - 3 small tickets

  • Introduction at the Customer Obsession Meeting

Weeks 3 - 4: Focus on solidifying role in the team

  • Start taking a more active role as a member of your dev team

  • Begin to participate in some spec/design/technical meetings

    • Provide feedback/ask questions, have an active role in the meetings

  • Mentor for each week is a different teammate

    • Meet for at least 10 - 15 minutes each day

  • Meet with dev lead

    • Meet once a week and start regular weekly 1-1s

  • Work on some medium size tickets

  • Review the Engineering Titles/Levels sheet to understand expectations and responsibilities for your level

Weeks 5 - 8 (Month 2): Work on your first project as dev owner

  • Begin work on your first relatively large task (40 mana) and be the dev owner of it

  • Act as the dev owner in the spec/design/technical meetings

  • Write up a brief technical specification if necessary

  • Work on small/medium tickets each sprint alongside the larger task

Note: It's expected that your first project takes longer to complete than usual

Weeks 9 - 11 (Month 3): Work on more and/or larger projects as dev owner

  • Take what you learned being dev owner on your first project and improve upon it

  • Act as dev owner and write technical specs for more and larger projects

  • Work on small/medium tickets to fill in gaps

  • Complete deliverables in a more timely fashion

  • Attend a "Tech Moonshots" developer meeting

Week 12: Informal performance evaluation

  • Dev lead will give you your performance evaluation

  • A self-survey will be sent to you

  • Surveys will be sent out to your peers and you are:

    • Evaluated on what's being done well, what could be improved

    • Evaluated on core values and Leadership Principles

  • The goal is to let you know how you’re performing and to help you improve and be a better engineer

Weeks 13 - 16 (Month 4): Act on your performance evaluation and focus on community

  • Continue to improve on fulfilling engineering responsibilities and completing quality deliverables in a timely fashion

  • Begin acting on any feedback given during the performance evaluation

  • Start taking a more active role in the open source community

    • Proactively answer questions in channels

    • Create Help Wanted tickets and mentor contributors working on them

    • Find a community buddy (a contributor you interact with fairly often)

  • Start helping to answer customer support questions

Weeks 17 - 20 (Month 5): Become an authority

  • Start to become an authority on some part of the product/codebase

    • Begin thinking about what part of the code you want to “own” - what do you want to be known for at Mattermost

    • Could be something you built on a past project

    • Be the “go to” person for that area

    • Tends to happen naturally if you take true ownership of the projects you’ve worked on

  • Create some Help Wanted tickets/campaigns to get the community involved in your area of authority

    • Focus on high impact tasks

    • Think about what you would work on if there were three of you, and use the community to help you as your clones

  • Complete engineering responsibilities and deliverables on pace with fellow teammates

Weeks 21+ (Month 6+): Continue to grow as an engineer, be a leader in the community, and be an integral part of the Mattermost engineering org

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