How to spend company money: Internships

At Mattermost, we want our interns to be successful from Day 1 and you'll be provisioned an Expensify account. As a general rule, our expense policy for our full-time and part-time staff members is the same for our interns with some modifications. As an intern, you can refer to our How to spend company money policy for guidance for most expense-related questions.

The purpose of this section is to identify the variance from our full time staff member spending policy.

Notable spending differences for interns

In general, we are a culture where you don’t have to ask permission before making purchases on behalf of the company unless there are guidelines specific on what and how much can be purchased. If in doubt, ask your manager before you make any purchases to confirm you are following the purchasing guidelines. A good reference point for spending is the expense policy section if you are uncertain.

Due to duration of the Mattermost internship program, we limit purchasing of the following items:

Home office equipment

  • Height-adjustable desk

  • Ergonomic chairs

For these types of purchases, we will ask for a medical note from your primary physician

Business computer accessories

  • Headphones over 80 USD

Computer and Technology

  • Laptops: We will provide you with a laptop. Do not purchase a new laptop.

  • Cell phone: We will provide you with a cell phone if it is required for your position and approved by your manager.

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