Business Operations

Where to find us

The Team

  • Rachel Bradley-Haas - Business Operations

  • Alex Dovenmuehle - Business Operations Engineering

  • Eric Nelson - Business Insights

  • Elaine Yue - Sales Operations

About BizOps

Business Operations' mission is to enable Mattermost to deliver a high quality customer experience, build a scalable business foundation, and engage in impactful data driven discussions. We connect people, processes and tools to make informed decisions, build scalable solutions, and move quickly in unison.

BizOps is made up of multiple functional groups including Business Insights, GTM Operations, and Business Systems & Data Engineering. These groups have their own mission, responsibilities, skill sets, and areas of focus and work as the foundation for the rest of the business to build off of.

Business Insights

  • Mission: Enable business leaders and employees to make data-driven decisions through a self-service analytics framework, in depth customer analysis, and metrics standardization and reporting.

  • Top 3 Areas of Focus:

    • Curate company metrics and partner with internal customers to increase metric availability

    • Support self-service analytics through data modeling, tooling, training, and documentation

    • Provide strategic insights to drive the business forward (Product, Marketing, Finance, etc)

  • Tools Ownership: Looker

  • Process Ownership: Analytics Office Hours

  • Recent Projects: Free to Paid Data Analysis, PM Enablement, Telemetry QA Process

  • Customers (Primary*): MLT*, PM*, Sales*, Marketing*, CS, Support, and R&D

  • Resources:

    • Eric: Senior Data Analyst

Sales Operations

  • Mission: Enable Sales, Customer Success, and Finance to provide a positive customer experience by reducing time to close deals, increasing data quality, and standardizing/documenting processes.

  • Top 3 Areas of Focus:

    • Support sales execution (forecast calls, deal analysis, MBR/QBR support, commissions)

    • Optimize, standardize, and document sales processes for scalability

    • Manage and support evolution of sales tooling and integrations

  • Tools Ownership: Lead Lander, Distribution Engine, Deal Desk (SFDC)

  • Process Ownership: Forecasting, Lead Routing, Commissions, Territory Assignments, etc

  • Recent Projects: H2 Comp Plan, Commissions Tool, Deal Desk Process

  • Customers (Primary*): Sales*, CS*, Finance*, MLT, and Marketing

  • Resources:

    • Elaine: Senior Sales Operations Manager

Customer Journey Operations

  • Mission: Enable the tracking and reporting of customer journey data, processes, and experiences to support ongoing GTM initiatives across Mattermost.

  • Top 3 Areas of Focus:

    • Understand how a customer's interactions with our product, people, and process manifests itself in our data and systems

    • Partner with internal customers to understand gaps in processes, tooling, and data collection

    • Build tooling to support tracking and accessibility of customer data and their journey

  • Tools Ownership: Salesforce, Customer Onboarding and Usage Metrics (SFDC), Customer Risk (SFDC), Customer Reference (SFDC)

  • Process Ownership: Assists owners of processes

  • Recent Projects: Customer 360 Dashboard, Portal Contact Us in Zendesk, Customer Risk Obj

  • Customers (Primary*): Sales*, CS*, PM*, MLT, and Marketing

  • Resources

    • None

Marketing Operations (TBH)

  • Mission: Enable Marketing through lead management, scalable customer nurturing, and quality data collection and reporting.

  • Top 3 Areas of Focus:

    • Iterate on lead lifecycle to push customers further down the funnel

    • Nurture leads by through drip programs and marketing automation campaigns

    • Partner with Product, BizOps, etc. to capture and engage with more customers

  • Tools Ownership: Marketo, Engagio, Outreach

  • Process Ownership: Lead Lifecycle, Email Automation

  • Recent Projects: Lead Status Automation, Outreach Emails, Lead Lifecycle Clean-up

  • Customers (Primary*): Marketing*, Sales*, PM*, MLT, and CS

  • Resources

    • None: Senior Marketing Operations Manager Headcount Open

Business Systems Engineering

  • Mission: Enable teams across Mattermost to scale their processes through automation and integration of critical tooling.

  • Top 3 Areas of Focus:

    • Empower self-serve and sales-serve automation, lead generation, and support routing through Stripe:blapi:SFDC architecture

    • Build and maintain all things Mattermost Cloud billing and usage (includes invoicing, dunning, credits, and payment methods)

    • Partner with all areas of Mattermost to remove inefficiencies, manual processes, etc.

  • Tools Ownership: Heroku, blapi, Stripe

  • Process Ownership: Billing Process (in Nov) and assist others who own processes

  • Recent Projects: Self-service Portal Enablement, Cloud-Stripe Integration, Telemetry in SFDC

  • Customers (Primary*): R&D*, PM*, Sales, Marketing, and Business Insights

  • Resources

    • Alex: Business Systems; Data Engineering Manager

Data Engineering

  • Mission: Enable Mattermost to consume and analyze data by centralizing and transforming data, maintaining a high performing infrastructure, ensuring data security and quality, and developing self-service analytics frameworks.

  • Top 3 Areas of Focus:

    • Centralize siloed company data and ensure data quality

    • Maintain health of systems and innovate to ensure scalability

    • Build scalable frameworks to support ongoing analytics initiatives

  • Tools Ownership: Data Warehouse (Snowflake, Stitch, Airflow, dbt, Rudderstack)

  • Process Ownership: None (Assists others who own processes)

  • Recent Projects: Rudderstack Rollout, DBT Unioning Macro, Licensing Data Model

  • Customers (Primary*): Business Insights*, PM, Sales, Marketing, and CS

  • Resources

    • Alex: Business Systems; Data Engineering Manager