How to submit a purchase order

Log in to Airbase via Okta. See How to access Airbase for details.
Go to Manage > Purchase Orders.
Example of navigating to the Purchase Orders page in Airbase.
Select Request a Purchase Order to go to the New Request screen.
Example of how to request a Purchase Order in Airbase.
Enter Vendor and Amount values. If you can’t find your vendor, you can choose the option Add New Vendor from the drop-down menu. Please make sure you enter the amount in the correct currency. We prefer our vendor contracts to be denominated in USD. Once you’ve completed the Vendor and Amount fields, select Next to continue.
Example of the new request screen in Airbase.
On the New Request page, select the Purchase Order option.
Example of how to select the Purchase Order option in Airbase.
Scroll down the page and complete all remaining fields within the 03. Provide PO details section. Instructions for fields in this section are included below:
Example of mandatory PO details fields on the New Request page in Airbase.
  1. 1.
    Service start date
  2. 2.
    Service end date
  3. 3.
    Spend Category: provide PO details.
  4. 4.
    Secondary Spend Category
  5. 5.
    Description: provide all the critical information that the Finance team may need to review the purchase order. Incomplete information will cause delays in the process.
  6. 6.
    Confirm whether there is a legal document that needs to be reviewed. Please attach all appropriate documents to this request. If there are online terms to be reviewed, please provide a URL in the URL field located further down the screen.
Example of the URL field in Airbase.
  1. 7.
    If there is a DPA that needs to be reviewed, attach a copy of the DPA as well.
  2. 8.
    Please indicate whether the request is for a consultant or contractor.
  3. 9.
    If the request is for a consultant or contractor AND they need an Mattermost email, please indicate here. This is a very important step as we will need to include IT and PeopleOps to ensure the consultant or contract is onboarded properly in our systems.
Scroll down the page and complete all remaining fields within the 04. Accounting Details section. Instructions for fields in this section are included below:
Example of mandatory accounting details fields on the New Request page in Airbase.
  1. 1.
    Subsidiary: Do not change the subsidiary. All vendor contracts will roll under the Mattermost, Inc. entity.
  2. 2.
    Categories: From the drop-down menu, please select the appropriate Category. See Category definitions for details.
  3. 3.
    Add tags: From the drop-down menu, select the appropriate tags for Class, Department, and Location. See class definitions for details.
You can ignore Transaction Tags.
In section .05 of the form, you can choose to generate a purchase order document. This is an option for your vendor; it’s not a requirement for the Mattermost Finance team.
Once you’ve completed the purchase order form, select Submit. This will kick off your purchase order request, and the appropriate authorized approvers will be notified.
For additional information on spend approvals and spend thresholds, please refer to the Authorization Matrix.
Important: The authorized approvers for vendor contracts are the CFO (<$100K) and the CEO (=>$100K). If individuals other than our authorized signers sign a vendor contract, the contract is null and void.**
If you have any questions on how to submit a purchase order, please contact [email protected].

Class Definitions

Expense related to Advisory services for Mattermost.
Bounty Projects
Fees for Services Related to Bounty Projects.
Business Operations
Expenses to support office and business operations; stamps, postage, supplies, snacks, etc.
Conferences & Trade Shows
Expenses incurred to get to, attend, or stay at Conference/Trade Show.
Expense related for payment to Non-ROW Consultants & Contractors.
Customer Facing
Expenses incurred when meeting, spending time, or entertaining a current or potential customer.
Marketing Events
Expenses incurred to attend marketing events, seminars, etc.
Expenses for MatterCon events only.
Community Member
Community Member expenses for MatterCon events only.
Expenses for new hire home and office equipment; travel for onboarding training, etc.
Recurring Subscriptions
Expenses that are recurring in nature and support business operations; mobile subscriptions, software licenses, etc.
Simulation Projects
Expenses for candidate simulation projects sponsored by Mattermost.
Expense related for payment of Monthly Salary & Periodic Bonuses to ROW Staff.
Revenue and CoS for customer support products.
Expenses, greater than $500, incurred for work performed on systems.
Team Celebration
Expenses for department head approved celebration with staff members.
Team Events, Meetups & Offsites
Expenses incurred for Team Events, Meetups, or Offsites, which include all known travel costs.
Expenses incurred for work-related online courses and professional development certifications.

Categories Definitions

Expense Category
Online and print advertising.
Advisory or Consulting
Advisory (individuals or firms) or consulting (firms) services provided to Mattermost.
Audit and Tax Fees
Audit and tax services provided to Mattermost.
Candidate Attainment Projects
Simulations and other related projects for prospective candidates.
Company Events
Services provided to Mattermost for company sponsored events.
Company Swag
Mattermost branded swag NOT for marketing campaigns.
Conference and Seminars
Conferences and seminars (NOT Marketing related).
Contractor or Consultant
Individuals who will provide contractor or consulting services to Mattermost at an hourly or fixed fee for a specified period of time.
Dues & Subscriptions
Dues and Subscription fees for professional, technical, or trade publications.
Hosting COS
Hosting web services (e.g. AWS) - allocation for Cost of Sales.
Hosting Expense
Hosting web services (e.g. AWS).
HR Fees
Human resource services (individuals and firms) provided to Mattermost.
Job Advertising
Fees paid to advertise open positions to potential candidates (e.g. job boards).
Legal Fees
Legal and compliance services (individuals and firms) provided to Mattermost.
Marketing Promotional Materials
Promotional marketing materials.
Marketing Swag
Mattermost branded swag for marketing campaigns only.
Prepaid Insurance
All types of insurance policies, varying in period of time and premium amounts.
Prepaid Marketing & Advertising
Marketing and advertising services (e.g. public relations, search engine optimization and web & content development etc.) provided to Mattermost.
Prepaid Software/SaaS Licenses
Software license fees paid in advance (a year or more).
Recruiting Fees
Fees paid to third-party recruiters for candidate placement.
Recruiting Services
Fees paid to third party-service firms for recruitment efforts.
Software Expense
Software licenses and subscription (monthly).