Virtual credit card

We strongly encourage staff members not to put system or program spend on personal cards or expense reports. We have several processes that can be used to purchase on behalf of Mattermost. For personal purchases, the How to spend company money policy will be the best place to start. For low-dollar system or program charges it's generally appropriate to use Mattermost's virtual card program. For all other purchases, it's recommended to follow the standard Procurement Process. If you're unsure, try the Purchases channel or reach out to Finance.
Staff members can request a virtual credit card in a couple of ways, depending on the nature of the request.

No Purchase Order form needed

A purchase order form is not requested if ALL of the following conditions are met:
  • Cost of the request is below 500 USD a month or 1,500 USD prepayment.
  • Product or service does not relate to storing or extracting customer data.
  • T&Cs are online click through and no order form is needed to be signed.
  • Spend is within your departmental budget or approved by your MLT leader.
Staff members can make a request by emailing [email protected] and provide the following information on the email:
  • Vendor name
  • Purpose of the service
  • Service period
  • Cost either monthly or annually
  • MLT Leader approving the request (MLT Leader should also be CC’d on the email request)
  • Vendor billing contact (if any)

Purchase Order form required

If any of the points above are not satisfied, staff members should follow the standardized Procurement Process. As part of the process, the staff members should submit a PO in Accrualify. After Legal has reviewed the Terms & Conditions and all DocuSign procedures have been taken, the Finance team will create a budget for the request on Divvy and provision a virtual credit card.
The requester has one of three options to include the Finance team in the billing and payment process. These are stack ranked based on the Finance Team’s preference but it is up to the staff member to decide what is most feasible:
  • Make [email protected] a billing admin on the account.
  • Share account credentials via LastPass, so that the Finance team has the ability to pull down receipts as needed.
  • Set a reminder to send [email protected] the receipt, if it is a monthly charge.
If you have additional questions for this process, please reach out to the Finance team on the Purchases channel.