Mattermost contract repository

SpotDraft contract management system is the central repository for all Mattermost contracts, with the exception of People Ops contracts. If you do not have access to SpotDraft, you can contact IT and request access.

Managing existing contracts

Each business owner will be responsible for owning the business relationship between Mattermost and the party on the other side of the contract. When the fully executed contracts are uploaded into SpotDraft, Key Pointers are added to each contract record. Some of those Key Pointers will include assigning a business owner, and capturing significant dates and deadlines. At that time, contract reminders will also be set up to track the deadlines and send notifications to the business owner listed on the contract so they can act upon the deadline. When a business owner leaves the company, it will be the responsiblity of their manager to reassign a business owner to that contract.

Searching for existing contracts on SpotDraft

Business owners can access existing contracts by searching for the existing contracts in the SpotDraft repository, by following the steps below:
  • From the home page of SpotDraft you can search the full list of contracts by “Contract Title” or “Counterparty Name”.
  • There are different filters to help narrow your search by clicking on the filter button within the search bar.
  • Each user may be limited in the contracts they have access to based on the department they belong and/or the type of contracts being sought.
If you are not finding what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to Legal for assistance.