Developer Relations

Developer Relations and community outreach can take on many forms and is a constantly evolving practice. At Mattermost, our focus is always on our community of administrators, developers, and end users.

Every member of the internal Mattermost team participates in Developer Relations. This can be as a formal member of the Community Team or as a casual participant in community activities such as discussions on the community server, discussions at external events, or other interactions with non-internal community members.

Some activities that fall under formal Developer Relations:

  • Conference and meetup presentations

  • Podcasts

  • Webinars

  • Content creation and distribution

  • Forum and discussion participation

Please reach out to the Community Team if you have any questions or would like assistance for any activities in their milieu.


  • Event Engaged Attendee

    • Virtual - any attendee who attends a talk or visits the booth interactively. This can include volunteering their information directly or having it provided by the organizers post-event.

    • In-person - any attendee who attends a talk, offers their information at a booth or other station, interacts with any Mattermost representative with intent on further examining Mattermost. Interactions to simply look at Mattermost or to discuss philosophies of Mattermost may notbe considered "engaged" - this can be left to the respresentatives discretion.

  • Talk

    • any keynote, speech, presentation, demo, or workshop given at an external event (or at MatterCon).


  • ‚ÄčConference/Trip Report -

    ** Purpose: to be used after speaking at an event or participating as a sponsor or in a sales or marketing capacity

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