Release DevOps


The Release (DevOps) team enables Mattermost Engineering to deliver features in a safe, scalable, and efficient fashion to Cloud and self-managed customers. The team ensures that Mattermost weekly, monthly, security, and patch releases are publicly released in a timely fashion.


By its own nature, the Release (DevOps) team is a backstage, non-user feature facing team whose product and output has a high impact on day to day development operations and Mattermost releases. The team creates the workflows, frameworks, tools (ChatOps, Bots), architecture, and automation for Engineering teams to see their work reach production effectively and efficiently. The team is focused on our CI/CD blueprint by driving the necessary changes in our software development processes and workflows, as well as infrastructure changes, to embrace the benefits of CI/CD.


  • Automate release generation, removing most of the manual work
  • Create detailed architecture blueprints and design for CI/CD
  • Develop and track KPIs to measure the team's impact on Mattermost product delivery


  • Streamline, educate, and automate release and dev processes
  • Improve security principles in Mattermost software supply chain
  • Eliminate the need for feature-freeze blackouts during the development cycle


  • Drive necessary changes for self-served product engineering teams to enable end-to-end development and releases
  • Drive necessary changes that will lead to better reliability/scalability/management, including simplicity of the services, systems, and the infrastructure the team owns
  • Improve continuous delivery of Cloud SaaS releases
  • Shorten build times to allow for faster release times
  • Reduce toil and cognitive burden in any step possible

Top-level Areas of Ownership

The team regularly works on the following tasks, in the order of priority:
  • Ensuring continuous delivery of Mattermost products to SaaS and self-managed (eg. self-managed, mobile, plugin & apps, desktop, CLI).
  • Coordination, education, and preparation of Mattermost releases for self-managed users for the monthly minor, patch, and security releases
  • Participating in incident resolution and acting on corrective actions for SaaS and self-managed software delivery.
  • Increasing velocity of both SaaS and self-managed software delivery through foundational project work (e.g. Running GitLab CI pipelines in k8s, GitHub Bots, ChatOps etc.).
  • Minimizing the use of custom tooling by building or enhancing features within Mattermost (Playbooks, Plugins, Apps, ChatOps).