Boards release process

This document outlines the Boards release process for the Mattermost core team. Our release process draws from many best practice Agile, Scrum, and Software Development Lifecycle methodologies.

Release Timeline

Boards release schedule is outlined here:
The release that will be included in the next self-managed release pre-packaged version will generally be the latest Focalboard Personal Edition release from the prior month. The deadline to get the pre-packaged version to the self-managed release is by self-managed Code Freeze day. The pre-packaged version is tested a few days prior to self-managed Code Freeze day.


Basic release tasks

  • Track and triage bugs via GitHub; Boards for work items
  • Add PR milestones for QA tracking
  • Triage meetings to identify high priority bugs
  • Update changelog with changes, upgrade notes, contributors, and known issues
  • Update NOTICE.txt
  • Update dependencies
  • Translations monitoring
  • List software requirements (e.g. OS, browser) and minimum server version requirements
  • Testing + automated tests
  • Marketing - Release announcements, tweets
  • Feature documentation
  • Release
    • App store release
    • GitHub release
    • Check minimum required server version (if applicable)
  • Contributors
    • Swag
  • TBD: Release dates - Communicate in google calendar and channel header
  • Retrospectives
  • TBD: Metrics - Quality metrics, e.g. number of bugs fixed, number of dot releases, etc.
  • TBD: Security updates communication