Manager Onboarding

Things People Managers Must Know

People Manager Approvals

  1. Managing and approving. Time Off. Our culture is high trust and results-focused. We want people to take time away to relax, think and come back energized and willing to bring their best self to work. As a people manager, it is important to consistently iterate and define what vacation-ready means for your team. All time-off requests should be recorded in BambooHR.

  2. Location change requests. Staff agreements are conditioned upon the region of residence noted in a staff member's contract. Location change requests should be discussed with HR and your MLT member prior to providing written approval. Staff must receive written approval from the Company prior to a region relocation.

  3. Contract approvals. To engage with a new external partner/vendor/customer or are to update terms, the Contract Accountability Owner should follow the appropriate process:

  4. Accounting and Finance Approvals:

    • Staff expense reimbursement: Managers will need to approve their team's expenses. Any expense reimbursement questions should be routed to the Purchases Channel.

    • Placeholder - invoices

  5. Headcount and Offer Approvals. (MLT-specific). See Hiring Workflow. MLT and Directors should also reference the Hiring Plan to review approved open requisitions.

People Managers Responsibilities - People Programs


We strive to provide a smooth onboarding experience that enables new colleagues into a safe and compliant working environment with a strong sense of belonging. Managers should familiarize themselves with onboarding in order to appropriately fill in any gaps for their new team member.

  • Complete the department onboarding template prior to your new staff member's start date.

  • Assign an Onboarding Peer (Link w/ description to come). Managers should ask permission of a potential Onboarding Peer prior to assignment.

  • 90 - Day New Hire Review (Link with description to come). Managers will need to select the 4-6 peers to provide peer review feedback.

Performance Management

  • Performance Reviews. Managers will be invited to a High Output Management Managers Session ahead of writing a Performance Evaluation. Managers will need to read the required chapter of High Output Management ahead of the Session. The book is also a part of the Additional Training Resources recommended for new Managers. It's suggested to read the book during onboarding or upon becoming a manager at Mattermost.

  • Performance Feedback. Communicating explicitly is key in managing remote staff and teams and feedback is one of the most important tools a manager has to set individuals and teams up for success.

    • Managers should address Brown M&Ms and Likes and Wishes in a timely manner to ensure expectations are aligned and to maintain asynchronous communication.

    • People Partners can help provide coaching and feedback on how to approach performance issues.